About Me


Specializing in groundwork, colt starting, bug fixes, show training and more. I believe in doing what's best for the horse. I am calm and patient with everyone I work with. I do my best to achieve a tranquil and trusting relationship with both horse and owner. I love the psychology of the horse and helping people.

I have always been told I have a gift with my hands. With intuition, I am able to work with horses though hands on healing. Sometimes with pressure points, other times with just a channel of healing energy and touch. Here I can release mental blocks and improve horses physically as well. I spend time with my horses on a spiritual level. Even if a session may not appear to have a lot of mindfulness practice, there is always some form of healing happening. I am a channel of energy flow and horses can sense that right away and are able to connect with me. 


I've had my horse since I was very young and he peaked my interest on why horses do what they do and how they think. I love to just sit in the pasture and watch horses interact with eachother. I love to learn from these amazing creatures everyday. Over the years I've showed in the Arabian show circuit winning Reserve Champion High Point Award in English Pleasure as a Junior rider, training horses for the show ring, starting horses under saddle and on the ground, and working with a variety of breeds and disciplines. 

I love helping horse owners and riders build their confidence and communicate better with their horses. Other than training your horse, I work on your skills as a rider and horseman so you and your horse grow together. Or if you just want a lesson for you, I love to help people develop their horsemanship skills.