Do you dream about riding in freedom? Trailering without issues? My training focuses on your horse on the ground and under saddle. Can be trouble problems (bucking, taking off, biting, etc) or more specialized such as show training, trick training and even liberty. There are no "shortcuts" or quick fixes. All horses have a different speed and need to learn at their own pace. I like to find a mutual respect without force or acts of dominance. 



Have an accident where you've lost joy and don't feel safe around horses? Do you want something fun and new? Lessons aim toward you and developing your skills as a rider and horseman, allowing you and your horse to grow together. Can be english or western.

Guided Meditation and Mindfulness


Horses are deep, spiritual beings. With them we can reach a meditative state quickly.  With guided meditation, we will be in a seated position while myself and a horse(s) guide us.

A mindfulness practice can be done while on the back of a horse. I will guide you as you are riding. This focuses on present awareness through thoughts, sensations, feelings and surroundings.



Most sessions are "come to you" based services. Prices vary on location, the set price is $40 but does not include transportation/travel costs. If you do not have a horse or stable, I can provide you one at my stable.

Onsite training may be available. Facility is located in Nowthen, MN.

Contact for more info.