Mykonos Horseland Summer 2018

Mykonos Horseland Reference Document (pdf)




Even though Megan’s training methods differs a lot from the Danish methods (both riding and groundwork wise) that I have been used to, Megan’s methods really gave me a new perspective to horse training and a better understanding of how to start up a and connect with a new horse.
Megan was not only really good at explaining why she does what she does, she also doesn’t just tell you how to do it, but also how not to do it, which for me was really helpful when learning about round-up for the first time or how she breaks in the young ones. Furthermore, she doesn’t just let you look and then expect you to know how to do it afterwards, she lets you try for yourself and then gently and not to mention very patiently guides you through it (Hint: I was not the greatest western rider). And even though she might have to say it 100 times she never raises her voice or becomes irritated. Which makes you positive and excited about your next training session, even though things might not have gone amazingly in the last one.
She is also very openminded to trying new methods, to find out what works the best for every horse and its rider/owner. And she is good at cooperating at a task and doesn’t mind changing her initial plan to fit what you want.
The only bad thing to add up Megan, is that she doesn’t wear a helmet…. But that just shows her level of bravery. Megan was never afraid or nervous about starting up a new horse, where I on the other hand could hardly watch without shaking on her behalf. This cool attitude and knowing that Megan did a hell of a job bomb-proofing the horse, however rubs off on you, when you then have to ride the horse, making you feel completely safe and unaffected.
Besides from that Megan is just a very amazing human being, who is not only a good horseman or teacher, but also an incredible inspiration. I got home from Greece excited to try out different groundwork methods with both of my own horses.

- Karoline Dreyer Kattenhøj – Danish dressage rider, competing at intermediate levels.
Worked 2 months alongside Megan at Mykonos Horseland in the summer of 2018.




   My name is Darah Stalberger. I highly recommend Megan Meleen for all your training needs. She even showed my horse for me because I wanted to see how my horse would behave for her first show. Megan did an excellent job at the show, my horse was very well behaved and she placed 2nd and several other top placings in a Arabian horse show (my horse is a green AQHA)  that was highly competitive!!  My horse had never been to a show and Megan only had like 5 hours or less of riding time on her. I was so pleased!

  I googled "Clinton Anderson training methods trainer" That's how I found her. I like the methods she uses. I think she may have other influences as well. My mare trusted her and felt safe. She seems to click with horses and has a quiet communication with them. That is important to me how the animal feels with the person handling them, safe but respectful. Megan is very respectful of the horse and their psyche. She gets results with kindness, confidence and a kind firmness that makes the horse feel safe that she is in control.

  Best of all.. Megan is a pleasure to work with. She did an awesome job with my 7 year old granddaughter, she was very gentle, patient, and complimentary. Megan even rode our English jumping pony to get a smoother trot successfully for Western riding and introduce a western curb bit for the first time. I also loved that she can come to your farm. Megan has a bright future in the horse business :) 

- Darah Stalberger - client since 2017


I have worked with Megan Meleen for many years. She has small private barn experience, and a ton of large public boarding farm experiece. She has helped with foaling, starting colts all the way to finishing show horses. Amazing work ethic, extremely dependable and reliable, honest and capable. Kind and fair with all animals!

- Melissa Beaudry -  friend and mentor

- Manager of Legacy Equestrian


We have had the pleasure of working with Megan at Tranquility Horsemanship for over a year. During this time she has trained from the ground up, desensitized and refreshed our herd of quarter horses in the arena or out on the trail on a weekly basis to make them safe and dependable for our family. She is an excellent and knowledgeable horse trainer, very communicative for what each horse needs and greatly reliable. We are so happy we found Megan at Tranquility Horsemanship and couldn’t recommend her more whether you are looking for training, lessons or help with selling a horse, Megan is a gem! 

-Carolin Goodman- client since 2017